Intermediate Rapid Prototyping Schedule
Spring 2018, Section A4
Class Homepage
Date Lecture Office Hours Project/Assignment Hand-in
Week 1 Mon 3/19 Course overview and intro to mechanisms.
Scissors script.
Take fire extinguisher training part 1 and sign up for part 2
Wed 3/21 Gears and linkages. Gears and LittleMan Automaton script.
Week 2 Mon 3/26 Simulation.
Video: Computational design of mechanical characters.
Assignment 1: Automaton
Wed 3/28 Articulated motion.
Week 3 Mon 4/2 Intermittent motion and complex linkages.
DrivingShaft.SLDPRT and DrivenShaft.SLDPRT.
Mechanism files for motion study. Cozmo's lift.
Assignment 2: Mechanisms Automaton due
Wed 4/4 Procedurally-generated objects. Intro to Grasshopper. Amy
Week 4 Mon 4/9 Grasshopper part 2: Grasshopper and Rhino. Varun
Wed 4/11 Grashopper part 3: lists and trees.
The Slicer assignment and
Torus model in Rhino, for testing Slicer.
Assignment 3: Shape slicer Mechanism due
Week 5 Mon 4/16 Grasshopper part 4.
Demo files: and
Demo notes. Voronoi files; rabbit mesh sculpture.
Wed 4/18 Surfaces in SolidWorks. How to Model a Deodorant Roller in SolidWorks, frontview_deoroller.jpg, sideview_deoroller.jpg Slicer due
Week 6 Mon 4/23 Surfaces and 3D sketches in SolidWorks.
Modeling exercise: Cozmo-back.SLDPRT.
Videos: Automata videos

Assignment 4: Statue, and scans
Final projects
Wed 4/25 Slides.
Paper folding with Pepakura Designer.
Pepakura resources: Tutorial 1; Tutorial 2; Video.
Meshlab: example STL files
Week 7 Mon 4/30 Khabazi: Generative Algorithms Varun
Wed 5/2 Final project progress reports. Amy
Statue due
Week 8 Mon 5/7 No more classes. Work on final projects. TBD
Wed 5/9 No more classes. Work on final projects. TBD
Fri 5/11 No more classes. Work on final projects. TBD Final projects due.
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