15-394 Assignment 2: Model A Complex Mechanism


In this assignment you will choose a complex mechanism to model, producing both a SolidWorks simulation and a physical embodiment.

Visit the 507 Movements web site. A good collection of suitable mechanisms can be found between numbers 90 and 140. Here's a direct link to the start of the good stuff.

You don't have to stop at number 140; there are some good mechanisms further along as well, e.g., 222 and 223.

Pick a mechanism that's not too simple (numbers 138 and 164 are example of ones that are too simple).

Model the mechanism in SolidWorks and produce a rendering and a Motion Study animation.

Fabricate the mechanism from laser cut cardboard and hardboard and demonstrate that it works.

Take a picture of your mechanism and post that plus your rendering to Piazza.


Hand in a zip file handin.zip containing the following:
  1. Your SolidWorks part and assembly files.
  2. Your animation file.
  3. Your rendering image.
  4. A photograph of the mechanism you made.
Due date: check the class schedule.

Grading (10 pts)

  • TBD

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