15-381 Schedule and Handouts

Class Schedule (subject to updates)

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Jan 18 Carbonell Introduction to AI and Problem Solving, Administrivia
Jan 20 Carbonell Basic search methods: DFS, BFS, HC, HS, ...
Jan 25 Carbonell Advanced search: Goal Reduction, MEA, A* ...
Homework 1 handed out
Jan 27 Cohn Game-tree Search, A-B pruning, Game Theory
Feb 1 Cohn Constraint Satisfaction & Scheduling
Homework 1 Addendum
Additional handouts: Sadeh and Fox background reading, Article about Sanjiv Sidhu
(please see Jennifer McGuiggan in NSH 4517 for copies)
Feb 3 Carbonell Propositional and Predicate Logic
Feb 8 Carbonell Unification and Resolution in Logic
Feb 10 Carbonell Representing Knowledge Beyond first-order Logics and Taxonomy diagram
Homework 1 due
Homework 2 handed out
Feb 15 Carbonell Natural Language Processing
Feb 17 Carbonell Knowledge-Engineering and Rule-Based Systems
Feb 22 Cohn Probabilistic Reasoning
Feb 24 Cohn Bayes Networks
Homework 2 due
Feb 29 Cohn Bayes Nets & Midterm Review
Mar 2   **Midterm Exam**
Mar 7 Carbonell Information Retrieval: Vector Space Models
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Mar 9 Cohn Naive Bayes and Introduction to Machine Learning
Mar 14 Cohn Decision Trees
Homework 3 handed out
Mar 16 Cohn Model Selection
Mar 21 Carbonell Other Supervised Learning and Applications
Mar 23 Cohn Neural Networks
Homework 3 optional early hand in (for 10% extra credit) on March 24, 2000 at 4:30 in NSH 4517
Mini-project (homework 4) launched
Mar 28   **Spring break**
Mar 30   **Spring break**
Apr 4 Carbonell Clustering and Unsupervised Learning
Homework 3 due for real
Apr 6 Liam Pedersen Robotics Antarctic Meteorite Search
Apr 11 Cohn Optimization: Multivar HC, Simulated Annealing,...
Apr 13 Cohn MDPs and Reinforcement Learning
Apr 18 Cohn MDPs and Reinforcement Learning
Apr 20 Schneider Enrichment lecture: Optimization in Industry
Apr 25   No Lecture
Apr 27 Greg Aist Enrichment lecture: Speech Understanding
Mini-project due
May 2 Jaime Carbonell Ethics Talk
May 4 Selected students Presentation of Mini-Projects

Note: Recitations will be scheduled on an as-needed basis, e.g. a few days before each homework is due, or to review a difficult topic, if there is sufficient demand as judged at the end of class.