15-294 Final Project

The final project will constitute 30% of your course grade. Please see these gallery links from previous terms: 1, 2, 3, 4.

What to Hand In

  • Leave your completed physical final project in your project bin (the same one you used for the Pascaline) in the DFab lab. You can have it back after we've graded it.

  • Package the following items in a zip file that you submit through AutoLab by the deadline shown on the syllabus:

    1. Your SolidWorks or other CAD design files.

    2. At least two photographs of your physical project, suitable for display in the gallery we'll be creating. "Suitable" means the picture is in focus, properly lit, and with an uncluttered background.

    3. A text file with a brief writeup of your project, describing the idea and pointing out something interesting about it. "Interesting" could mean use of sophisticated SolidWorks features (e.g., parameterized equations, or reference geometry and lofts), unusual construction techniques (such as the "dragon's claw" latch technique we discussed in class), noteworthy artistic features, or something else.

    4. Additional links or images to help illustrate your point. For example, if you're doing something clever in SolidWorks, include some SolidWorks screen captures that show off what you did. If you're modeling a character or an object from popular media, include a picture of the actual thing you're modeling. If you're creating a variant of an existing product, include a link to the source of your inspiration in the text file you submit.

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