Caleb Levine : Fractal Puzzle

This is a small 'puzzle' made up of pieces in the shape of the Heighway Dragon, a well known fractal. To create the fractal piece, the fractal itself was first produced in Solidworks. The fractal consists of a line in the plane, so it had to be expanded to a solid shape. This was done by trial-and-error. It was surprisingly difficult, because the shape needed to be expanded, but still maintain the piece's ability to fit together with itself. After that, sixteen pieces were combined in an assembly to form the final puzzle.

The most interesting part of this project is the way the fractal was produced in Solidworks. The method used was:

  1. Copy the existing shape (starting with a line).
  2. Rotate the new fractal by 90 degrees.
  3. Attach the new shape to the old one by merging the endpoints, setting the newly joined lines equal and perpendicular to each other.

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