Pascaline Parts List

Cast Acrylic Sheets
Size Thickness Color (Chemcast#) Quantity Use
12-by-12 in1/8 in.Yellow #20371Accumulator gears; misc. small parts
12-by-12 in1/8 in.Red #21571Input wheels; trim; readout gear
12-by-12 in1/8 in.Green #20301Output gear; backstops
12-by-12 in1/8 in.Black #20251Bottom panel
12-by-12 in1/8 in.Blue #21142Readout wheels and cover; sautoirs
12-by-12 in1/8 in.Clear4Top/mids/front/back/side panels

Aluminum Standoffs
Size Type Length  Quantity Use
1/4 in.Hex4 in.3Accumulator shaft
1/4 in.Hex2.5 in.3Readout gear shaft
1/4 in.Hex2 in.3Input gear shaft
1/4 in.Hex1.5 in.2Sautoir shaft
1/4 in.Hex1 in.2Input brace
1/4 in.Hex3/4 in.3Backstop pawl
1/4 in.Round 3/4 in.6Accumulator carry tubes

Zinc-Plated Steel Machine Screws and Nuts
Size Length Quantity Use
4-401.5 in.9Readout assembly
4-401 in. 120Accumulator gear teeth
4-403/4 in.1 pkmiscellaneous
4-405/8 in.1 pkmiscellaneous
4-401/2 in.1 pkOutput gear teeth
4-403/8 in.2 pkmiscellaneous
4-401/4 in.1 pkmiscellaneous
4-40nuts2 pkmiscellaneous
4-40nylon locknuts  4Output cover; sautoir
3/8-16     5/8 in. screw2Carry lever weight
3/8-16nuts5Carry lever and backstop pawl weights

Miscellaneous Parts
Description Quantity Use
#4 washers, OD 3/8 in.24Shaft endcaps; backstops
#4 nylon spacers, 1/4 in.  21Readout wheels, sautoirs, finger stops
Loctite 222, 0.34 oz1 bottleThread locker
Labels: Avery #5462 3/4 in. diam.  30Output digit labels
Springs: 0.875 in,
   0.125 OD, 0.014 wire

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