Robert Rudolph: Wizard Chess

This final project was modelling, fabricating, and painting a replica of the Wizard Chess set from the Harry Potter movies. The prop set used in the movie is actually itself a replica of a 12th-century carved ivory chess set found on the Isle of Lewis, which is commonly referred to as the "Lewis Chess Set". Photos were used as references to model each piece in SolidWorks.

Video: the finished project (winner of the 2015 Build18 competition)

Photo reference: Isle of Lewis chess set

Video: Harry Potter wizard chess game

The pieces were 3D printed and painted to create a nice finish. The wooden playing board was laser engraved.

SolidWorks was used to render models of the chess board and pieces.

The underside of the board includes a computer-controlled electromagnet for moving the pieces.

Cube 3D Printers were used to make the chess pieces.

After 3D printing, the chess pieces were coated in paint and polyurethane.

Extensive finishing work was done to give the pieces an antique but professional look.

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