CS 213 Spring '01
Lab 1

Lab Assignment L1 ( L1.ps, L1.pdf )

Due: Wednesday, Jan. 31, 11:59PM

Revisions and Updates:

There were a few typos in the bits.c file and the handout. These have been fixed, but you might have picked up the file before the fix, so here are the changes. Some people noted that tc2sm does not make much sense for TMIN, since it cannot be represented in sign-magnitude. The original test code actually generates TMIN as an input and assumes that tc2sm converts this to -0. The logic behind this is that TMIN will create an overflow in sign-magnitued which will wrap around to -0.

Since this was not clear in the document, however, the test has been changed so that it does not generate TMIN.

If you want, you can pick up the new test (pick up decl.c). If your code generates 0 anyway, don't worry.

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