15-213/18-213/14-513/15-513/18-613 Introduction to Computer Systems (ICS): Exam

  • There will be an online final exam. (There is no longer a midterm exam.)
  • The final exam is closed book, closed notes.
  • However, you may bring two (2) double-sided 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of notes to the final.
  • Your note sheets may not contain any pre-worked problems.
  • You may also bring blank scratch paper, but you are not permitted to use a calculator or any other electronic aid.
  • There will be questions similar to previous exams, questions that will test your understanding of the lab material, and new types of questions.
  • Note: These practice exams use the IA32 architecture. All present and future exams will solely use the x86-64 architecture. A detailed comparison between the two architectures can be found on the CSAPP website under the ASM:IA32 heading.

Final Exam - December 17