Course Staff


  1. TR 12:00pm-1:20pm BH136A — Umut Acar, Daniel Sleator


F Wed 09:30am-10:20am GHC5222 Margaret, Stefan
A Wed 10:30am-11:20am GHC4211 Bill, Isaac
B Wed 11:30am-12:20am WEH6423 Chris, Akshay
C Wed 12:30pm-01:20pm SH219 Nikki, Naman
G Wed 12:30pm-01:20pm WEH5421 Margaret, Stefan
D Wed 01:30pm-02:20pm WEH5302 Susan, Albert
E Wed 02:30pm-03:20pm WEH5302 Andrew, Sam
H Wed 03:30pm-04:20pm PH225B Margaret, Stefan
I Wed 04:30pm-05:20pm WEH5310 Margaret, Stefan

Office Hours

For an up-to-date office hour calendar, check out the home page. Office hours are displayed in blue, while other course events will appear in purple; click the event to see the location and other details.

TA office hours are generally held in GHC 4300, the area between Rashid Auditorium and the elevators, while instructor office hours are usually in the instructor's office.

Contact Information

Any urgent questions should be directed to the 15-210 staff mailing list.