Assignments are due by midnight of the day that is listed as due day.

The written and programming assignments are the heart of this course. Much of what you learn in this course will be through completing these assignments.

Asterik "*" denotes a group project (2 students per group).

  Assignment     Topic     Due Date  
HW 1 Basic C0: Pixels   Thu Jun 30
HW 2 Strings: DosLingos Tue Jul 05
HW 3 Linked List: Text Editor Sun Jul 10
HW 4 Stacks/Queues: Calculator Fri Jul 15
HW 5 Hashing: Lights Out Wed Jul 20
HW 6 Trees: Ropes Tue Jul 26
HW 7* ADT String Buffer Sun Jul 31
HW 8* C0VM: Virtual Machine Fri. Aug. 05