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Summer 2015  |  Session 2

Course Work

Since it is summer, there are no late days allowed. If an unexpected emergency comes up, contact Victor.

There will be seven homework assignments throughout the course (Thu/Mon), six quizzes (Fri/Tue after each homework is due), two Midterms, Final Exam, and the Project See the Calendar for specific dates.

You must take all exams at the times they are given. NO MAKEUPS FOR EXAMS will be allowed except for acceptable documented circumstances (e.g. major illness, death in immediate family, university-sanctioned event with verification from advisor/coach, etc.).

Course Grades

Your course grade will be calculated based on the following:

Assignments : 40%
Quizzes : 10%
Term Project: 10%
Midterm 1: 10%
Midterm 2: 15%
Final Exam: 15%

Grades from all assignments and exams may be reviewed for up to one week after they are returned/posted. After this period, the grade is considered final and cannot be changed. I reserve the right to review an entire assignment/exam if an individual part is submitted for review.

Grades for the course will be determined by a curve. First, we will compute a weighted total of each student's scores on assignments and exams. These will be plotted as a histogram, and then approximate cutoff points for the different letter grades will be determined. Very roughly, we expect to give you

an A, if your score is one deviation or more above the class average
a B, if your score is within one deviation above the class average
a C, if your score is within one deviation below the class average
a D, if your score is two deviations below the class average.
At the same time we will honor a fixed grading scale. We guarantee you
an A, if your score is above 90%
at least a B, if your score is within 80%-90%
at least a C, if your score is within 70%-80%
at least a D, if your score is within 60%-70%
Individual cases, especially those near the cutoff points may then be adjusted upward or downward based on factors such as extra credit and participation in recitation discussions (TA discretion).

Attendance and participation in class, although not formally counted as part of your grade, can impact your final grade if you end up on the borderline between two grades.