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Summer 2015  |  Session 2

Course Policies

Come on time; the use of electronic devices is prohibited during lecture (you're here to learn how to program, not to surf the web or spend time on facebook - do that outside class). I would expect you to take notes, but do so the old-fashioned way with paper and pen.

Any attempt to decompile solutions, or object code that may help produce solutions, or in any way to extract solutions from the autograder, or to "hack" the autograder in any way, will result in your failing the course.

Students may not post any course content, nor any questions related to any assignments, to any online venue. Doing so may result in failing the course on the first offense.

Academic Integrity

The value of your degree depends on the academic integrity of yourself and your peers in each of your classes. It is expected that, unless otherwise instructed, the work you submit as your own will be your own work and not someone else's work or a collaboration between yourself and any other(s).

Please read the University Policy on Academic Integrity carefully to understand the penalties associated with academic dishonesty at CMU. In this class, cheating/copying/plagiarism means copying all or part of a program or homework solution from another student or unauthorized source, knowingly giving such information to another student, or giving or receiving unauthorized information during an examination. In general, each solution you submit (assignment or exam) must be your OWN work.

Assignments will be challenging and you will have to solve them independently! You are permitted to discuss problems with classmates, but you are not permitted to discuss or even look at code. Since you cannot look at code, you cannot help a friend debug their code, or look at someone else's code to "get an idea" of how to write yours. If you're stuck on how to approach a problem, ask a member of the course staff. You are absolutely not permitted to copy code electronically or via any other means. You must originate every character in your solution!

The course instructor reserves the right to determine an appropriate penalty based on the violation of academic dishonesty that occurs. Violations of the university policy can result in severe penalties including failing the course. If you have any questions about this policy and any work you are doing in the course, please feel free to contact your instructor for help.