The Challenge

Delphix is doing a tech talk at CMU in Scaife Room 208 on Monday 9/16 at 8pm (for those of you who missed the tech talk or want a refresher, we've put up the slides, the source, and an introductory blog post). As part of this tech talk, we will be organizing a performance challenge where you can demonstrate the skills you've learned.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is: write a program which finds the word which appears most frequently in a text file. More details will be provided in the handout on Autolab, which you can also download here.


To make the competition more exciting, we will be giving out prizes to the fastest 3 submissions at 11:59 PM on Tuesday, September 17th. If you win, you will be offered a choice of one of the following prizes (information about how to pick your prize will be emailed to you on Wednesday):

More Info

We will be grading the submissions using Autolab. Our Autolab page is here. Unfortunately, you cannot self-signup for Autolab. If you want to participate, please fill out the following Google form so we can add you to the Autolab.