Jeehyung Lee
Faculty Advisor: Adrien Treuille

Title: Sketching 3D Faces


Jeehyung Lee is Ph.D student in his second year at Carnegie Mellon University's Computer Science Department. His research interests include solving hard optimization problems through collective intelligence of people and computer aided modeling. Jeehyung received his undergraduate degree at Princeton University.


As a growing number of media use more and more 3D content, there is growing public interest in creating 3D models of their own. However, creating 3D contents with existing commercial modeling systems is extremely hard - it can require months of rigorous training, and it is impossible for untrained individuals to ever get a hand on 3D contents creation, This process is difficult not only for children, but also for adults and even computer science PhDs.

In this project, I propose a sketch based modeling system for creating a 3D human face model that even kids can use with minimum training. The system provides an easy to use sketching interface for creating a face model and fully supports any artistic exaggerations at any view by presenting the face as a view dependent geometry. The synergy of sketching interface and view dependent geometry simplifies the 3D editing process to that of 2D - removing the need to care about geometrical consistency and lowering technical/artistic skill thresholds - and allows creation of faces with various artistic exaggerations.