Welcome to Robert and Janet's Wedding Photo Page

There are three sets of photos: photos taken on the wedding day, photos taken at the studio the week before, and photos that we took on our honeymoon. We hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed being part of the events recorded here. (These photos are only a small sample of all the shots that were taken.)

The Studio

The happy couple.
A new look. 
It was worth the wait.
Really, I wear this to work every day.

The Wedding

Here she comes...
Ta da!
Preaching from the choir.
(And from the pulpit.)
So far, so good.
Man, these shoes hurt.
Promises, promises.
Are you sure this fits?
She's mine!
And I can prove it!
Let's get OUT OF HERE!
Aren't they lovely? The flowers, I mean. Alicia did them, with the help of a wonderful team.
Church officials --- the pianist (Roger Wong), the organist (Barry Starr), and the pastor (David Tse).
Janet's family.
My family.
Janet's workmates from Canon Information Systems Research Australia.
Janet's "Phillipi" fellowship group from Central Baptist Church.
Janet's fellowship group from Randwick Baptist Church.
Friends of Janet and I.
Nanette Kwok and June Campell, friends of Janet and her mother.
Corralie and Trevor Eagle, for whom my father works.
Great spot. Nice view of a bit of George St.
Don't look down...
It sure is sunny around here.
Do we look like tourists? (Actually there were busloads of tourists at this spot, and quite a few of them took photos of us ... urk.) Anyway, you can see the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the iconic Opera House. These photos were taken at Mrs Macquarie's Chair.
Honestly, we often hang out here, at the Palisade hotel at "The Rocks".
Caught in the act.
Nice car. Hope it's clean.
Just our luck, a real vintage piece! Down on the wharf by The Rocks.
Don't look now...
Eddies in the space-time continuum appear to have altered my reality.
It sure is windy up here (Valcluse, near the entrance to Sydney Harbour).
Nice spot.
What a great team.
Can you walk a little faster, dear?
Boy, this wedding stuff really takes it out of me.
Is it my imagination or is the upper deck starting to tilt? (Cake cutting aborted shortly after.) This is at the Chequers Seafood Restaurant in Chatswood.
"O'Callahan Chui Together Marriage" (or something like that).
I can't believe I let myself be talked into this. (But I glad I was.)
Mandatory coordination test.
Speech by Denis "The Pirate" O'Callahan.
Speech by Alicia "Mother of the Bride" Chui.
Speech by Niry "The Dentist" Chung.
Speech by Logan "Hit Man" O'Callahan.
Speech by Julian "The Toastmaster" Harris.
Speech by Lawrence "The Torturer" Lau.
Speech by Robert "Wong Feihong" O'Callahan.
The horror, the horror!
Couldn't have made it without you...

The Honeymoon

No cocktails on this flight.
What a lovely island Matamanoa is!
It even has a beach lined with palm trees.
We had a great time. We can't show you all the things we did because we were slack and didn't take many photos. In fact, we didn't do all that much anyway...
That's all, folks!

Created by Robert O'Callahan, 24/12/98.