Last Updated: July 24, 2015

Hyeju Jang

hyejuj at cs dot cmu dot edu

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I am a Ph.D student in the Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, working with Carolyn Rose.


  Natural language processing, Computational linguistics, Discourse analysis, Text mining in various domains


 Journal paper:
  • Adamson, D., Dyke, G., Jang, H., Rose, C. P., "Towards an agile approach to adapting dynamic collaboration support to student needs," International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education 24.1 (2014): 92-124, 2014.
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 Conference papers:
  • Hyeju Jang, Seunghwan Moon, Yohan Jo, Carolyn Rose, "Metaphor Detection in Discourse", SIGDIAL, 2015.
  • Hyeju Jang, Miaomiao Wen, Carolyn Rose, "Effects of Situational Factors on Metaphor Detection in an Online Discussion Forum", 3rd Workshop on Metaphor in NLP at NAACL, 2015.
  • Hyeju Jang, Mario Piergallini, Miaomiao Wen, Carolyn Rose, “Conversational Metaphors in Use: Exploring the Contrast between Technical and Every Day Notions of Metaphor,” 2nd Workshop on Metaphor in NLP at ACL, 2014.
  • David Adamson, Colin Ashe, Hyeju Jang, David Yaron, Carolyn P. Rose, “Intensification of Group Knowledge Exchange with Academically Productive Talk Agents,” 10th International Conference on Computer Collaborative Supportive Learning, 2013.
  • Miaomiao Wen, Zeyu Zheng, Hyeju Jang, Guang Xiang, and Carolyn Rose. Extracting Events with Informal Temporal References in Personal Histories in Online Communities. ACL'13, 2013
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