Carol Wang

Carol Wang

Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University
GHC 7515
wangc at cs dot cmu dot edu

I am a fifth-year PhD student in the theory group at CMU. Before coming to CMU, I was an undergraduate in the maths and computer science departments at Caltech.

I am supported by an NSF graduate research fellowship. My advisor is Venkat Guruswami.


Limitations on testable affine-invariant codes in the high-rate regime.
    V. Guruswami, M. Sudan, A. Velingker, and C. Wang.
    SODA 2015. (ECCC.)

Deletion codes in the high-noise and high-rate regimes.
    V. Guruswami and C. Wang.
    Manuscript. (arXiv.) Video of talk given at Simons Institute.

Explicit rank-metric codes list-decodable with optimal redundancy.
    V. Guruswami and C. Wang.
    Presented at RANDOM 2014. (arXiv or ECCC.)

Linear-algebraic list decoding for variants of Reed-Solomon codes.
    V. Guruswami and C. Wang.
    IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 59(6). (ECCC and IEEE.)

List decoding subspace codes from insertions and deletions.
    V. Guruswami, S. Narayanan, and C. Wang.
    Presented at ITCS 2012. (arXiv.)

Optimal rate list decoding via derivative codes.
    V. Guruswami and C. Wang.
    Presented at RANDOM 2011. (arXiv and Springer.)