Mon, 16 May 1994 08:55:42 CST Jeremy Butler
Usenet's bit.listserv.screen-l Operational

Usenet's bit.listserv.screen-l Operational

And here we go...

SCREEN-L's gateway to Usenet officially began last Thursday, as the following
Usenet post announces.

---------------------------original message---------------------------------
Subject: Gateway for bit.listserv.screen-l Operational
From: Jim McIntosh <>
Date: Thu, 12 May 1994 18:18:07 EDT
Message-ID: <>

At the request of the listowner, Jeremy Butler
(, this gateway has
been established.

SCREEN-L@UA1VM ( is now available in newsgroup
bit.listserv.screen-l. IT IS MODERATED. The address for submissions

SCREEN-L concentrates on the study of film and television--often in an
academic context, but not necessarily so. It welcomes teachers, scholars,
and students of film and television, as well as those creating film and
video material.

For your newsgroups file:
bit.listserv.screen-l   Film and Television Discussion List. (Moderated)
Jim McIntosh (
The American University
Washington DC 20016-8019 USA