Experiments on Calendar data with Winnow/WM

This page contains pointers to source code and raw data from experiments using Winnow and Weighted-Majority based algorithms on CAP data. For more information on these experiments, see A. Blum, "Empirical support for Winnow and Weighted-Majority based algorithms: results on a calendar scheduling domain" , Machine Learning 26:5--23, 1997. (an earlier version is in ML '95). For more information about the CAP database, see CAP home page

The relevant files in the code directory are: INFO, Makefile, utilities.c, varval_pairs.c, wm.c, wm_pairs.c, wm_triples.c, header.h. The "utilities.c" file contains the routines for interfacing with the CAP-style data format. "varval_pairs.c" is the code for Winnow.

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