Play Ball!


I believe hitting a round ball
with a round bat
is the hardest thing to do in all of sports.

I believe that Roberto Clemente is the patron saint of baseball.

I believe in the sacrifice fly.

I believe that pitchers should buy catchers lunch.

I believe batting practice makes perfect.

I believe Lou Gehrig's birthday should be a national holiday.

I believe in the designated hitter.

I believe Tony Gwynn sleeps with his bat.

I believe the squeeze play
should be taught in public schools.

I believe walls are hard.

No one is bigger than the game
except maybe Boog Powell.

I believe somebody,
understands the infield fly rule.

I believe it's time to sing
"Take me out to the ballgame.."
I believe, even I, sign better than Don Mattingly.
I believe that.

And I believe every player should have a day off after two thousand, one hundred and thirty games.

I believe domed stadiums are great
for tractor pulls.

And I believe the two greatest words
in the English language
are Play Ball!
Play Ball!
Play Ball!
Play Ball!

-- Nike Ad, All-Star Game '95.

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