Plans for future lives

Own a brewery!
Study at the Siebel Institute, 2 years in England learning the secrets of cask conditioned real ales, 2 years in Germany learning about purity, 2 years in Belgium learning to contaminate beers (who knows maybe even join a monastary), 2 years in California learning the right way to brew. Open a brewpub, charge $3.00/pint, $6.00/bottle for Bud/Miller/Coors/Iron. Increase capacity, add a bottling line, contract brew best seller, go national. Retire at 30 to devote full time to playing darts.

Play major league ball!
Be a catcher! Bat .250, no need to steal bases, no need to throw the ball past 2nd. Wear the "Tools of Ignorance" with pride. Earn a quick trip to the majors, making only $2M/year. Retire at 30 with bad knees.

Art Nouveau!
Anything goes as long as its big. Work hard for a pittance from the unappreciative and unenlightened. Learn to scoff at critics and shun public showings. Die at 30, in poverty and relative obscurity.

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