My main academic interests are in computer science, especially computer graphics, computer vision, machine learning, and user interfaces. I also have a strong interest in physics, and in fact, my original field of study at Harvard was chemistry and physics (I switched to CS in my junior year).
My current research area applies machine learning techniques to problems in computer vision and computer graphics.
Though somewhat unrelated to my main fields of study, music also interests me greatly. I sing in the CMU Concert Choir, and I practice the violin and the piano whenever I can. (Alas, practice time becomes scarcer with each passing year, though.) I've also tried my hand at composing before, and from time to time, I still feel the itch to do more of it.


Selected Past Projects


Warp Tracker (1999)
Jim Gemmell, Larry Zitnick, Thomas Kang, Kentaro Toyama, Steve Seitz, Gaze-awareness for Video Conferencing: A Software Approach, IEEE MultiMedia, Oct-Dec 2000, pp. 26-35.
Thomas Kang, Jim Gemmell, Kentaro Toyama, Warp Tracker, Microsoft technical report MSR-TR-99-80, 1999. [www]

Geco Eagle (1997)
Geco Eagle, Schlumberger's state-of-the-art ocean floor survey vessel. [JPG, 34KB]

Design Galleries (1995 - 1997)
Light Galleries, a commercial 3D Studio Max plug-in implementation of Design Galleries applied to lighting configurations, marketed by Digimation and exhibited at SIGGRAPH 2000. [www]
Thomas Kang, Joseph Marks, Joshua Seims, Stuart Shieber, System and Method for Exploring Light Spaces, U.S. patent 5,886,704, March, 1999. [www]
Joe Marks, Brad Andalman, Paul Beardsley, William Freeman, Sarah Gibson, Jessica Hodgins, Tom Kang, Brian Mirtich, Hanspeter Pfister, Wheeler Ruml, Kathy Ryall, Josh Seims, Stuart Shieber, Design Galleries: A General Approach to Setting Parameters for Computer Graphics and Animation, Proceedings of SIGGRAPH, 1997. [gzipped Postscript, 1 MB]
Tom Kang, Josh Seims, Joe Marks, Stuart Shieber, Exploring Lighting Spaces, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory technical report TR95-18, 1996. [gzipped Postscript, 700 KB]
Designing a Semi-automated Light Specification System, Harvard senior thesis, 1996. [www]

Raytracer (1995)
Showoff, an image demonstrating some additional features of the raytracer. [JPG, 21KB]
Grafish, the critically acclaimed surrealistic scene rendered by the raytracer. [www]