Carnegie Mellon University (1996 - 2002)

computer science
computer systems (computer architecture)
programming languages
software systems (distributed systems)
photorealistic rendering
physically based modeling
image-based modeling and rendering
computer vision
artificial intelligence
machine learning


Harvard University (1992 - 1996)

computer science
programming (C, assembly, LISP, C++)
computation and complexity theory
algorithms and data structures
advanced algorithms
logic design and computer architecture
operating systems
computer graphics
independent research on computer animation
AI planning systems
mathematics and sciences
linear algebra and differential geometry
applied algebra (groups, rings, and fields)     
physics (mechanics, E&M, waves)
inorganic and organic chemistry
music theory (harmony and counterpoint)     
music composition
survey of avant-garde music
micro- and macroeconomics
Judaic and early Christian philosophy
history of science in the twentieth century    
Greek wondertales
medieval stage