Local Bus Schedules

THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED, AND IS YEARS OUT OF DATE. For current Pittsburgh bus schedules, see www.portauthority.org. If for some strange reason you're interested in seeing bus schedules and schedule-reading programs from the 1990s, read on.


Outbound from CMU (timepoints listed are for Oakland):
61 series buses (ABC)
67 series buses (ACEFJ)
Shuttles for CMU
A few additional schedules:
71B and 71D buses, outbound from Oakland (courtesy John Connelly)
61C and 64A buses, inbound on Murray (old)
61 series buses, inbound from Forbes and Murray (courtesy dkindred)
56U bus, from Oakland
28X bus (new airport flyer), courtesy marius: see also 28X schedule with stops
I make no guarantees about the correspondence of scheduled times to reality.

When's the next bus?

Here are the times for the next buses leaving Oakland.

On Mach platforms, you can run /afs/cs/user/spok/bin/nextbus to see when the next buses are leaving (for whichever busline you pick.) Here is documentation for the program. The program will read the schedules listed above, or other schedules you provide. Here is how to format your own schedules for use with the nextbus program.

PAT's own Schedules

You can also find the latest PAT schedules at