Volume 1, Issue 2

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  • Becker Symposium Becoming Visible: Sexual Minorities in American Legal Education Foreword: Becoming Visible Prof. Mary Becker University of Chicago In this introduction to the Symposium Prof. Becker describes the subsequent articles and gives her perspective on the difficult position of gays and lesbians in the legal academy.
  • Valdes Tracking and Assessing the (Non)Inclusion of Courses on Sexuality and/or Sexual Orientation in the American Law School Curriculum: Reports From the Field After a Decade of Effort Prof. Francisco Valdes California Western School of Law In this article Prof. Valdes presents his survey of American law schools offering courses pertaining to sexual orientation and sexuality issues and expresses "cautious optimism" about the future inclusion of gay and lesbian issues in legal curricula.
  • Hartwell What a Difference a Gay Makes: An Empirical Study of the Impact of 'Out' Gay Law Faculty on Law School Curriculum and Policies Prof. Steven Hartwell University of San Diego In this article Prof. Hartwell presents a study of out gay faculty in American law schools and the correlation between out gay faculty and gay student activity. (get gaylaw hartwell)
  • Reuther Dorothy's friend goes to law school Kevin Reuther Student, Harvard Law School The experiences of a gay student at Harvard Law School.
  • Sears Queer L Brad Sears Student, Harvard Law School The experiences of a gay student at Harvard Law School.
  • Wolfson Fighting to Win and Keep the Freedom to Marry: The Legal, Political, and Cultural Challenges Ahead Evan Wolfson Senior Staff Attorney, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund In this series of documents Mr. Wolfson describes Lambda's work in the area of marriage rights and provides information necessary for anyone to help promote equal marriage rights for gays and lesbians including a briefing on the legal status of the case and the tasks ahead, a series of questionsand answers about marrage and gay people and finally a series of documents designed to help gays and lesbians in all states gain legal recognition of Hawaii marriages, assuming a victorious conclusion of the litigation there.
  • Harel Overview & Commentary: Bagaz 721/94 El-Al v. Danilowitz and the Future of Sexual Minority Rights in Israel Prof. Alon Harel David Ben Gurion Scholar in Residence (1994-95) University of Southern California Law Center Lecturer in Law, Hebrew University In this article Prof. Harel provides the context for and explains the Supreme Court of Israel's recent decision in El-Al v. Danilowitz, in which the Court held that same-sex partners of El-Al Airlines employees must be granted the same benefits as cross-sex partners.
  • Stein Translation of Judgment of Supreme Court of Israel in El-Al v. Danilowitz Prof. Alex Stein University of Miami Lecturer in Law, Hebrew University