Jan 20: Fundamentals, Sampling Theory

Jan 27: More Sampling Theory, Aliasing, Dither

Feb 3: Summation Synthesis, Sample-rate conversion for synthesizers

Feb 10: Subtractive Synthesis, Envelopes, Filters, Vibrato, Panning, Modular Synthesis

Feb 17: Non-linear synthesis techniques, FM, Waveshaping; Vocal models (Vosim, FOF)

Feb 24: Acoustics, Echo, Spacialization, Reverb

Mar 3: Mid-semester break

Mar 10: Physical Models I

Mar 17: Physical Models II

Mar 24: Spring Vacation

Mar 31: AES/EBU, AIFF, DAT, Disk Recording, CD-Audio

Apr 7: Filters I

Apr 14: Filters II

Apr 21: (to be determined)

Apr 28: Project Presentations


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