The following is a list of readings for the course. Readings for previous weeks can be found in a white box outside of the office of Roger Dannenberg, WeH 3214. If readings are desired that are not found in the box, email Clark Slater and make a specific request.

Read By Reading
  1. Pohlman, "Fundamentals of Digital Audio"
  2. O'Donnell, Anderton, Conger "On Sound"
  3. O'Donnell, Anderton, Conger "Harmonics, The Basics of Sound"
  4. Moorer "How Does a Computer Make Music?"
1/27 Same as above.
  1. Moorer, "Signal Processing Aspects of Computer Music, pg. 1-16
  2. Rossum, "Some Aspects of Sample Rate Conversion"
  1. De Poli, "A Tutorial on Digital Sound Synthesis Techniques", pg. 1-15
  2. Time Varying Waveform Synthesis from Ch 3. Introduction to Digital Sound Synthesis (with John Strawn), in Curtis Roads, The Computer Music Tutorial, MIT Press, pp. 95-99.
  1. Chowning, "The Synthesis of Complex Audio Spectra by Means of Freqency Modulation"
  2. "How the DX7 Creates Sounds"
  1. Milano, "Basic Patches"
  2. Aikin, "First Steps in Programming"
  3. Carlos, "Additive Synthesis"
  4. Gross, "Synthesis Techniques"
  5. Kendall, "Directional Sound Processing in Stereo Reproduction"
  6. Chowning, "The Simulation of Moving Sound Sources"
3/3 No class. Midsemester break.
  1. "Real Instruments"
  2. "Physical Modeling Theory"
  3. "Physical Modeling"
  4. Smith, "Discrete Time Modeling of Acoustic Systems ..."
  5. Smith, "Physical Modeling using Waveguides"
  6. Borin et al, "Algorithms and Structures for Synthesis Using Physical Models"
  7. Wilkinson, "Dithering Heights"
3/17 Same as above.
  1. Pohlman, Chapter 10 "Interconnection"
  2. Pohlman, Chapter 9 "The Compact Disc"
  3. Pohlman, Chapter 7, "Digital Audio Tape"
  1. Smith, "Fundamentals of Digital Filter Theory"
  1. Dolsen, "The Phase Vocoder : A Tutorial"


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