Name the tune in that show.

2001, A Space Odyssey           Also sprach Zarathustra         R. Strauss
2001, A Space Odyssey           Blue Danube Waltz               J. Strauss
2001, A Space Odyssey           Lux Eterna                      Ligeti
2001  A Space Odyssey           Gayne Ballet Suite              Khatchaturian
Acura commercial                Romeo #38 Juliet                Prokofeiv
All That Jazz                   Spring from The Four Seasons    Vivaldi
Apocalypse Now                  Die Walkure                     Wagner
Babette's Feast                 Don Giovanni                    Mozart
Breaking Away                   Barber of Seville               Rossini
Breaking Away                   Italian Symphony                Mendelssohn
Children of a Lesser God        Concerto for 2 violins          Bach
A Clockwork Orange              Symphony #9                     Beethoven
A Clockwork Orange              William Tell Overture           Rossini
A Clockwork Orange              Barber of Seville overture      Rossini
A Clockwork Orange              La Gazza Ladra overture         Rossini
Dark Eyes                       Barber of Seville               Rossini
Death in Venice                 Symphony #5                     Mahler  
Die Hard                        Symphony #9                     Beethoven
Diva                            La Wally                        Catalani
Elvira Madigan                  Piano Cto. #21                  Mozart
Empire of The Sun               Suo Gân                         Welsh folksong
Excalibur                       Carmina Burana                  Carl Orff
Fatal Attraction                Madama Butterfly                Puccini 
Foul Play                       The Mikado                      Sullivan
Forbidden Games                 Romance                         Yepes
A Fish Called Wanda             Barber of Seville               Rossini
Gallipoli                       Les Pecheurs de Perles          Bizet
Glory                           Original music                  James Horner
Grey Fox                        Martha                          Flotow  
Heaven Help Us                  Hallelujah Chorus (Messiah)     Handel
Hannah and Her Sisters          Manon Lescaut                   Puccini 
Henry V                         Original music                  Patrick Doyle
Horse's Mouth                   Lt. Kije Suite                  Prokofiev
Huntley/Brinkley Report         Symphony #9                     Beethoven
Hopscotch                       Barber of Seville               Rossini
Hopscotch                       Eine kleine Nachtmusik          Mozart
Jean de Florette                Forza del Destino               Verdi   
Kramer vs. Kramer               Concerto for 2 Mandolins        Vivaldi
Lone Ranger theme               William Tell Overture finale    Rossini
Love and Death                  Lt. Kije Suite                  Prokofiev
Masterpiece Theater theme       Symphonie de Fanfare            Mouret
Moderns                         Marriage of Figaro              Mozart  
Moonstruck                      La Boheme                       Puccini 
Much Ado About Nothing          Original music                  Patric Doyle
My Brilliant Career             "Of Foreign Land and Peoples"
                                   from Kinderszenen            Schumann
Olympic Music ('84)             Olympic Fanfare                 John Williams
Olympic Music (Every year)      Bugler's Dream                  Leo Arnaud
Ordinary people/GE lightbulb    Canon in D                      Pachelbel
Platoon                         Adagio for Strings              Barber
Pretty Woman                    La Traviata                     df Verdi
Prizzi's Honor                  L'Elisir d'Amore                Donizetti
Prizzi's Honor                  Barber gof Seville              Rossini 
Raging Bull                     Cavalleria Rusticana            Mascagni
Room with a View                Gianni Schicchi                 Puccini 
Room with a View                La Rondine                      Puccini 
Sammy and Rosie Get Laid        Der Erlkonig                    Schubert
The Shining                     Music for Strings               Bartok
Scent of a Woman (tango)        Par una cabeza                  Carlos Gardel
Schindler's List (first scene)  Par una cabeza                  Carlos Gardel
Schindler's List (entire movie) Original music                  John Williams
Slam Dance                      Samson et Delilah               Saint-Saens
Someone To Watch Over Me        Lakme                           Delibes 
Someone To Watch Over Me        Gloria                          Vivaldi
Somewhere in Time               Rhapsody on a theme by Paganini Rachmaninoff
Sophie's Choice                 Kinderszenen                    Schumann
The Four Seasons                The Four Seasons                Vivaldi
Trading Places                  The Marriage of Figaro          Mozart
True Lies (tango)               Par una cabeza                  Carlos Gardel
Traffik                         String Quartet #8               Shostakovich
Untouchables                    Pagliacci                       Leoncavallo
Wall Street                     Rigoletto                       Verdi   
Witches of Eastwick             Turandot                        Puccini 
Year of Living Dangerously      Four Last Songs                 Strauss, R.