Peter Berkelman

Recently graduated Ph.D. student, Robotics PhD program, CMU.
updated 7/9/1999
Contact info:
Lab-- Smith 112, Microdynamic Systems Lab , 412-268-1519
Office-- Smith 125B, 412-268-7680
Home-- 5620 Hobart St #10, Pittsburgh PA 15217, 412-422-0319


I've developed a magnetic levitation haptic interface: A levitated handle emulates the physical behavior of a rigid tool in a realtime simulation, giving the user high-fidelity physical interaction with a virtual environment.


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Online Papers:

Thesis (8M compressed pdf)
Thesis (12M compressed postscript)
Thesis (17M pdf)
Thesis (50M postscript)
Thesis proposal (7M postscript)
Thesis short abstract (plain text)
simulation and control paper (1.5M postscript) from IROS 1995.
new device design (1M postscript) from ASME IMECE Haptic Symposium, 1996.
new device performance (5M postscript) from SPIE Telemanipulation & Telepresence, 1997. coupling device to simulation (4M postscript) from IEEE ICRA, 1999.

Haptic Reference Pages:

haptic references
haptics community web page


I'm from Ithaca, NY, home of Cornell University, lots of gorges and waterfalls, green stuff, and nice friendly people. Other places I've lived in the past ten years or so are:

My Travel Pictures

from Japan & Indonesia along with other random images.

Other Interests:

ceramics, speedskating, bicycling

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