Where I Discover that Technology is Not a Politics-Free Zone

Technology, like everything else humans do, is mired in politics. If you use the Web, may I encourage you to be informed about it? Don't leave it to the geeks, the policy wonks, and the miscellaneous powers-that-be! Here are some places that can help you do that.

  • Check Melee's Indexing Coverage Analysis to see how search engines are narrowing the way in which YOU see the Web (scarey stuff if you use Altavista!)
  • The Transcript of Supreme Court Oral Argument on the Free Speech on the Net issue
  • A Brief History of the Internet
  • The Lucent Personalized Web Assistant allows you to use personalized Web services without revealing your actual identity
  • NetSlaves - journal for low-level information workers
  • Special Report: The Web and You: No Privacy on the Net (2/97)
  • Replay and Company UnLimited
  • Remailer list
  • On spam:
  • http://www.compulink.co.uk/~net-services/spam/
  • Blacklist of Internet Advertisers
  • Get that spammer!
  • Information on TidBITS' anti-spam suit
  • Is it a severe violation of privacy or is it not? Decide for yourself at the The WebCrawler SearchTicker
  • What's all the fuss about Microsoft? Find out by visiting the NetAction page on Microsoft and make up your own mind.
  • May I remind you to boycott internet spam? You can find out more about the politics of new technology, if you're interested, on my high-technology postmodernism page.