Where Evil Corporations Attempt to Hide the Meaninglessness of Modern Life with Useless Goods

(ps. Yes, this is overblown and ridiculous. For a more thoughtful critique of what is wrong with late industrial capital and how we might fix it, try here.)

You know, I used to have Internet shopping malls here, but they really aren't so unusual or interesting anymore. If you really want to go to some, I recommend you ask AltaVista.

If you want to get some of that marketing OUT of your life, check Get Organized's Anti-Junk Mail Checklist or Junkbuster's Guide to reducing junk in your communication and get your name removed from some of those mailing lists. For something more subversive, check out RTMark. Here's some interesting reading on the topic of late industrial capitalism... George Soros's The Capitalist Threat.

And for when you're sick of all that... Nonprofit Organizations on the Internet