Accepted Papers

Long Papers

  • Estimating the Effectiveness of Conversational Behaviors in a Reading Tutor that Listens -- Gregory Aist and Jack Mostow
  • Relational Learning of Pattern-Match Rules for Information Extraction -- Mary Elaine Califf and Raymond Mooney
  • A Statistical Model for Discourse Act Recognition in Dialogue Interactions -- Jennifer Chu-Carroll
  • Predicting DAMSL Utterance Tags -- Mark Core
  • Clarity: Automatic Discourse and Dialogue Anlysis for a Speech and Natural Language Processing System -- Michael Finke, Maria Lapata, Alon Lavie, Lori Levin, Laura Mayfield-Tomokiyo, Thomas Polzin, Klaus Ries, Alex Waibel, and Klaus Zechner
  • An Application of Explanation-Based Learning to Discourse Generation and Interpretation -- Nancy Green and Jill Fain Lehman
  • Improving Ellipsis Resolution with Transformation-Based Learning -- Daniel Hardt
  • Identifying Discourse Markers in Spoken Dialog -- Peter A. Heeman, Donna Byron and James F. Allen
  • Using Machine Learning to Identify Intonational Segments -- Julia Hirschberg and Christine Nakatani
  • Learning Embedded Discourse Mechanisms for Information Extraction -- Andrew Kehler
  • Learning Constructs for Plan-Based Discourse Processors with Genetic Programming -- Marc Mason and Carolyn Penstein Rose
  • Using Unsupervised Learning for Engineering of Spoken Dialogues -- Jens-Uwe Moeller
  • Lexical Clustering and Definite Description Interpretation -- Massimo Poesio, Sabine Schulte im Walde, and Chris Brew
  • Computing Dialogue Acts from Features with Transformation-Based Learning -- Ken Samuel, Sandra Carberry, and K. Vijay-Shanker
  • Dialog Act Modeling for Conversational Speech -- Andreas Stolcke, Elexabeth Shriberg, Rebecca Bates, Noah Coccaro, Daniel Jurafsky, Rachel Martin, Marie Meteer, Klaus Ries, Paul Taylor, and Carol Van Ess-Dykema
  • Collocation Properties in Probabilistic Classifiers for Discourse Categorization -- Janyce Wiebe and Kenneth McKeever

    Short Papers

  • SGML-Based Markup as a Step toward Improving Knowledge Acquisition for Text Generation -- Reva Freedman, Jung Hee Kim, and Martha Evens
  • Automating Coreference: The Role of Annotated Training Data -- Lynette Hirschman, Patricia Robinson, John Burger, and Marc Vilain
  • Towards Automated Analysis of Spoken Discourse Using Discourse Topology -- Susann Luperfoy and David Duff
  • Improving Dialogue Annotation Reliability -- Teresa Sikorski