Creating a Home Page

At CMU, it's easy. Just put your information in AFS and make it publicly readable.

Unfortunately, the Ohio State service has been discontinued. Please let me know of any public Home Page storage providers!
  • Get an AFS account
    	echo Please give me an AFS account | mail -s "AFS account" help@cs
  • Create a top-level www directory
    	mkdir /afs/cs/usr/MYNAME/www
  • Copy a friend's home page, generate one using a a tutorial, or use your favorite editor to start from scratch.
    	cp /afs/cs/usr/mdwheel/www/mdw.html /afs/cs/usr/MYNAME/home.html
  • Give it a simple name, you'll get tired of typing it
    	home.html  or  index.html
  • Make it readable to AFS users
    	fs sa /afs/cs/usr/MYNAME system:anyuser rl
    		[or just l if you don't care about CMU White Pages]
    	fs sa /afs/cs/usr/MYNAME/www system:anyuser rl
  • Make it HTTPD readable
    	cat > /afs/cs/usr/MYNAME/www/.htaccess <<END
    	<Limit GET>
    	order deny,allow
    	allow from all
  • Add it to the CMU White Pages index
    	echo www/home.html > /afs/cs/usr/MYNAME/www/.www.home.url
    	ln -s /afs/cs/usr/MYNAME/www/.www.home.url /afs/cs/usr/MYNAME/
  • Create this symlink to give yourself a shorter URL:
    	ln -s /afs/cs/usr/MYNAME/www /afs/cs/Web/People/MYNAME
    With this in place, you can advertise your home page using the ~ shorthand:
    And if you call your page index.html it gets even shorter:
  • When your page is ready to be advertised, submit it to catalogs and What's New pages.

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