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Rec.food.drink.tea FAQ
NCSA--A Beginner's Guide to HTML
washingtonpost.com/What Color Is Your Parachute: The Job Hunter's Net Guide (frames version)
Jargon File Resources
IBM Patent Server Home Page
The Red Green Show Fan Page Archive
I've seen this before...
Howie Choset's Home Page

aperture: navigation map
Index of /~dstewart/pinball/RULES
The Temple of Pinball
GORP - Hiking
Backpacker Magazine's BaseCamp
National Food Safety Database Home Page
CyberScout Graphics User InterFace
Tartan Finder 1.0 (no frames)
NSF CAREER grant info
CyberScout Home, last update (14-Nov-1997)
Introduction to HTML and URLs
Introduction to HTML - Table of Contents