Head, J.P.Morgan Chase AI Research
Herbert A. Simon University Professor Emerita
383 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017

email: manuela.veloso at jpmchase dot com
or mmv at cs dot cmu dot edu


(When I was at CMU, to visit me, I would schedule
one of our CoBot robots to escort you to my office.)

Some news/talks:
  • Interview: What's the Role of Multiagent Systems in Finance," ML Minutes, (October 2020)
  • Interview: Humanity and AI will be Inseparable, The Verge", (November 15, 2016)
  • Lecture at the MIT Technology Review EmTech Digital", (May 23, 2016)
  • Keynote at the 2015 Grace Hopper Conference", (October 15, 2015)
  • Lecture at the "Admiravel Mundo Novo", in Portuguese, (June 12, 2015)
  • CBS Saturday Morning, (February 21, 2015, with Anthony Mason, and producer Gregory Mirman)
  • MIT Technology Review article. (November 11, 2014, by Will Knight)
  • Wired article. (August 6, 2012, by Christina Bonnington)

    Short vitae
    Herb Simon's talk on "Forecastig the Future or Shaping it?" video and paper (CMU, October 2000), and clip on robot soccer (which I presented in my Presidential Address at AAAI'14, July 30, 2014).

    RESEARCH: CoBots - Collaborative Mobile Robots: Robot Soccer:
  • Our CMDragons team is the 2015 RoboCup Small Size World Champion! See the news and the video highlights of ALL the games (6-0, 10-0, 10-0, 15-0, 2-0, 5-0).
  • Our CORAL/Robot Soccer page for research and news.
  • RoboCup'17 will take place in Nagoya, Japan..
  • RoboCup Wiki.

    V-Unit: An opportunity "to grow a Vision" of novel ways for Computer Science and Technology to impact the world: Current PhD Students: Past Advised Students: Past TEACHING: ROBOT SOCCER:
    (RoboCup-2001, Press conference, Photos taken by Mark J. Welch, Copyright, Robot-News.com. Click on a picture for a larger view.)

    Some PAST: Personal:

    Memorial: Mafalda Ferin Cunha, a tribute to my remarkable late sister-in-law (in Portuguese).