Where can I find the Dancin' Bear Screen Saver?

(Some After Dark screen saver files are also available for the Macintosh.)

First off, the only readily available screen saver with any sorto dancin' bear is for PC's and clones, working in the Windows environment. To get it runnin' ya need two files, dbear.zip and vbrun200.zip. Once you get them, you need to unzip both , then put the dbear files and vbrun200.dll into your Windows directory. If you then open Windows and click on the desktop icon in the Control Panel folder in the Main Folder of Windows, Dancin' Bear should be one of the screen saver options. [If you have Norton desktop check for its appearance in the Sleeper icon that houses all the screen savers.]

Now, to get the files, ya gotta grab 'em off a ftp site. Remember that they are both binary, so set your file type to binary before transferring them [under Mosaic, select "Load to Local Disk" from the Options menu]. The location of the files are as follows:

site                      dir                              file
nic.funet.fi              /pub/msdos/windows/desktop       dbear.zip
gatekeeper.dec.com        /pub/micro/msdos/win3/desktop    dbear.zip
winftp.cica.indiana.edu   /pub/pc/win3/desktop             dbear.zip

wuarchive.wustl.edu       /systems/ibmpc/win3/util         vbrun200.zip
                                                        or vbrun300.exe


gatekeeper.dec.com        /.f/micro/msdos/win3/util        vbrun200.zip
                                                        or vbrun300.exe
Among other places, no doubt. Good luck, and enjoy. For Mac-users, there is unfortunately no screen saver currently available. If you have a copy of the After Dark program containing the module Globe, and you also possess a Mac startup screen that was either posted to the net or formerly available at the ftp site then you could conceivably paste the bears from that startup screen into Globe and make yourself one, but in lieu of something along those lines you'll have to wait and see if GDM comes up with a DDSS version for the Mac. DDSS is the Digital Dead Screen Saver which should be released by GDM about the time Windows '95 comes out.

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