James is Wicked Ale (12/8/94)

1.0 lb. American Crystal Malt
0.5 lb. M&F Chocolate Malt
6.0 lb. M&F Light Dry Malt Extract (DME)
1.0 lb. M&F Dark DME
0.5 ounce Brewers Gold Hops (boil) Alpha = 8.5%
0.5 ounce Cascade Hops (boil) Alpha = 6.1%
0.5 ounce Cascade Hops (finish) Alpha = 6.1%
O.G. ~ 1.0449
F.G. = 1.0260
Bottling (12/22/94):
primed with 3/4 cup of corn sugar


As you may notice from the specific gravity readings, we bottled this a bit too early. This gave it a very sweet taste, but I really like it! It doesn't taste much like Pete's Wicked Ale (the original intention.)