Katsushi Ikeuchi
Principal Research Scientist
Computer Science Dept, Robotics Institute, Human-Computer Interaction Institute

WeH 1323, CS, CMU, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-268-6349
Fax: 412-268-6704
Secretary: Marie Elm (mke@cs 412-258-3838)

6585 Rosemoor St., Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Phone (& Fax) 412-421-0521

Research Group
Task Oriented Vision Lab.

Five Representative Publications
"Numerical Shape From Shading and Occluding Boundaries" AIJ, 17(1), 1981
--- The smoothness constraints

"The Mechanical Manipulation of Randomly Oriented Parts" Scientific American, 251(2), 1984
--- It's fun to pick up a doughnut

"Automatic Generation of Object Recognition Program" Proc of IEEE, 76(8), 1988
--- The VAC really generates a program!!!

"A Spherical Representation for the Recognition of Curved Objects" ICCV, Berlin, May 1993
--- The final destination of spherical representations

"Toward an Assembly Plan from Observation" IEEE Trans. R&A, 10(3), 1994
--- For our beatutiful cooperations among Robots and Humans