Sofia, Bulgaria, June 9-13, 1998

Paper submissions and presentations

Submission of papers (in English) will be done by March 10, 1998. Papers for review must be e-mailed to barnev@bgearn.acad.bg as plain text. Figures, drawings, graphics, etc must be sent separately (in PostScript or TIFF format, uuencoded or BinHexed). All contributions will be immediately acknowledged also by e-mail. The authors of the accepted papers will receive the comments of the reviewers and instructions for the final layout of the camera-ready copy for inclusion into the conference proceedings, as well as useful information regarding travelling to Bulgaria. The authors of the accepted papers undertake the obligation to present their papers at the conference.

Important dates:

March 10, 1998 - Deadline for receipt of papers
April 30, 1998 - Notification of acceptance/rejection
May 20, 1998 - Deadline for receipt of final papers

Please send all inquires, submissions, as well as this form by mail, fax or e-mail to:

P. Barnev
Programme Committee Chair ICT&P'98
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics
Acad. G. Bonchev St., block 8
Sofia 1113

Tel: +359-2-713-3818, or +359-2-713-3813
Fax: +359-2-739808
E-mail: barnev@bgearn.acad.bg

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