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Here's my shelf full of curios culled from the web. Enjoy.

Forum 2000
It started as a simple research project to combine the latest advances in cheap supercomputing, natural language processing and neural network technology. It became quite a phenomenon, so much so that public access had to be removed. Archives of some of the deliberations by the system are kept and make for breathtaking reading.
Point & Counterpoint
Being cynical about Saturday Night Live's humour value, I was quite delighted to see this sketch between Dan Ackroyd and Jane Who. If you've ever wondered where the phrase Jane, you ignorant slut came from, then read this. Apparently there were a series of such skits, including one about abortion which you can listen to you have a realaudio player installed.
Graduate School
Olin Shivers collected and made available a series of posts to a local CMU bboard on the topic of CS Research and Automatic Weapons. If you've ever wondered what life was like at a top Computer Science research department, then this should be quite revealing.
Saw an art event by these guys in Pittsburgh. Kal went around explaining each piece to us and getting volunteers to operate them. I thought it was wonderous.
Research Papers
Jonathan Shewchuk put togther a nice distribe on the state of technical academic writing entitled Three Sins of Authors in Computer Science and Math.

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