Joseph O'Sullivan

Degrees Held:
BA(Mod) Computer Science (Trinity College, Dublin, 1992)
MSc (CMU, 1997)

Year Entered Ph.D. Program:

Tom Mitchell

Research Interests:
Life-Long Learning, Action Models, Learning, Machine Learning, Mobile Robotics, Perception, Real World Experimentation, Reinforcement Learning, Xavier, Amelia

Description of Research:
My primary work is in the Learning Robot Laboratory, attempting to develop robots which learn from experience and in the real world. Initially I focussed on reinforcement learning: an inductive method for learning control strategies based on delayed reward. A tangible contribution of this work was developing one of the first applications of ``reinforcement learning'' from vision in a real world complex domain (that is, to fixate and approach a cup). While seeing that such learning techniques could be successful in acquiring control strategies for simple robot tasks, currently we are researching learning techniques which will scale up to more complex and realistic tasks.

This first step in this research was studying Explanation-based Neural Network Learning . This technique unifies neural network and explanation-based learning approaches, combining the advantages of inductive and analytical learning techniques. Our robot test-bed wanders the corridors of CMU, inductively learning action models which are then used as a domain theory in analytically learning corridor concepts (that is, hallways, junctions etc) based upon functional definitions. The sensation of the world contains both vision and sonar information, with the fusing of these modalities being part of the learning task.

This, and much more work, has led to my proposing a thesis on "Transfer of Learning Knowledge in Life-Long Learning Agents ".

The robot testbed in the Learning Robot Lab, Xavier, was designed and constructed internally within the laboratory in 1993. As one of the members of this process and of the subsequent software development for/entry into the various AAAI Robotic Competitions, I maintain a practical secondary interest in lowlevel aspects of robotics (operating systems, device drivers, etc) -- all an important consideration for long-life autonomous robots.


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    Technical Reports:

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