15-869 Administrative Information for Fall 2003

Place and Time: Monday and Wednesday from 12:00 to 1:20 in WeH 5409.

Credits: 12 units


Jessica Hodgins



Grading for the class will be divided as follows:


Selected journal and conference articles. Web pointers will be available, supplemented by occasional photocopies.

Project Ideas

Reimplement motion graphs and study in greater depth what makes a good transition.

Explore novel interface techniques for searching for data in a database: accelerometers, positioning a drawing model, or a keyframing interface.

Evaluate motion graphs for a particular problem and explore techniques for deciding if a particular database provides sufficient coverage.

Explore techniques for adapting motion capture data for a non-humanoid character.

What is the best marker set?

How can we get away from this restrictive rigid body skeleton?

Others to be identified during the semester.

Final Project Presentations

The final project presentations will be during the final exam slot for the class.

Jessica Hodgins