15-462 Programming Assignment 4: Procedural Modeling

Due Thursday, May 3, 23:59:59


For this project you will explore various techniques for procedural modeling and animation. The project will involve generating procedural textures, terrain, organic structures based on L-systems, and procedural animation of a flock of birds. Below are some screenshots of examples to give you an idea of the kinds of scenes you will be creating:

Simple planar fractal L-system tree.

More complex L-system tree with 3-D structure.


Required Features [100 points]

You must implement the following features:

Extra Credit Features [up to 10 points]

There are many possible things you can do with procedural modeling and animation techniques. You could generate procedural wood solid textures for your tree or its leaves, you could procedurally animate your tree to simulate wind blowing, or have procedurally animated moving cloud textures. For your BOIDS flock, you can implement collision avoidance so that the BOIDS avoid the terrain, obstacles, and each other. You could implement some additional flocking behaviors such as group following of a user-specified path, flying in formation, or BOIDS occasionally stopping for a rest in your tree. Be creative!

In any case, please document any additional features in your "readme.txt" file.


You can find the lab 4 starter code here. The submission guidelines remain the same as the previous labs. Make sure your project can be compiled by just going into the src directory and typing make.

Please include a copy of whatever models, textures, or additional data files you use when handing in your project as it makes life a lot easier to verify your features.