The LIST of lists

A collection of stupid lists

Here it is: the LIST of lists. Most of these lists are ones that I've collected over time. Where possible, I've tried to attribute these lists to their original authors. Unfortunately, I don't have the original authors for many of them. If you know who to credit one of these to, please notify me. Also, if you've got a list that's not here, please mail it to me, and I'll try to include it here. Note that some of these lists may just be a link to someone else's page... I don't edit for content so don't blame me if you don't like it.

42 Ways to get Electricity from Hamsters

100 Zany Ways to Phone in a Pizza Order

50 Fun Things to do in an Elevator

A Grad Student Checklist

10 Ways to Avoid the Draft

An Engineering Terminology List

Top 22 Insurance Form Statements

The 45 Worst Country-Western Song Titles

12 Quotes on the Nature of the Universe

102 Things to (NOT) do on Usenet

30 Ways to be Offensive at a Funeral

500 Ways to Annoy Your Roommate

Famous Last Words by RolePlayers

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