Elections `97 and `98

  • News story about the 1997 Pittsburgh mayoral race
  • January 1997 - Sierra Club gives Governor Ridge a "D" for 1996 Environmental Policies
  • Activist Groups on the Net

  • Political resources: Public Citizen, Common Cause PA, the Electronic Democracy Foundation; FAIR; The Left Side of the Web, G.E.M. List PAC, Democrats in 1996!, Turn Left
  • Environmental resources: Public Citizen, Envirolink, Greenpeace, the League of Conservation Voters (including their cool Congressional scorecards!); the Sierra Club
  • Civil rights resources: the American Civil Liberties Union gopher (including voting records) and the Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Articles, resources, and interactive chats with Mother Jones; and the socially responsible long-distance carrier, Working Assets Long Distance
  • Political party organizations: the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee; College Democrats of America; Democratic Leadership Council; Democratic Socialists of America
  • Watchdogs: the Militia Watchdog Page; NewtWatch!, DoleWatch, the Reactionary Right
  • Other nonprofit organizations on the network, mostly good guys; the Alternet; The Progressive Directory
  • Worth Reading

  • HOW THE PIE IS SLICED: America's Growing Concentration of Wealth
  • Breach of Faith: How the Contract's Fine Print Undermines America's Environmental Success
  • The Strange Disappearance of Civic America -- a great detective story from The American Prospect
  • Downsizing the American Dream -- the Democratic party line on the U.S. economy
  • Christian Soldiers: the Radical Religious Right in America
  • The Environmental Case for Campaign Reform, from Sierra Magazine
  • Paul Krugman on Why the conservative revolution failed; The spiral of inequality
  • Other reading rooms: Scott Safier's collection of Pro-Choice articles; the Noam Chomsky Archive; The Boston Review
  • For entertainment value only: A Story About Rats; You might be a Republican if...
  • Nonpartisan Resources

  • Local: Pittsburgh League of Women Voters, In Pittsburgh event listings
  • Legislative: Zip-code-to-Congressperson; the nonpartisan Project Vote Smart with detailed info on your elected officials (jump to Pennsylvania info); official Congressional records at THOMAS; CapWeb
  • Executive: the White House web server, or political documents (archived at the University of North Carolina)
  • Judicial: Supreme Court decisions (archived at Cornell)
  • Other info sources: GNN's U.S. Government Page; the American Politics Gopher at Northwestern University; the Minnesota E-Democracy Project
  • The Iowa Business School Political Market, a real-money futures market where payoffs are based on elections outcomes
  • Political resources from Yahoo
  • From the archive

  • Election `96
  • Election `94
  • Blue Ribbon Justin's home page; or the main SCS Home Page.

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