Multiresolution Modeling

Multiresolution modeling (or multiresolution modelling for those fond of the letter L) is the main area of my research in computer graphics. The fundamental problem is that we all want to create realistic scenes, and realism requires complex, highly detailed models. However, we also want rapid (sometimes interactive) rendering, and complexity makes things run slowly. The overall goal of multiresolution modeling systems is to extract the details from complex models that are necessary for rendering a scene and to get rid of the other, unnecessary details.

This page is my attempt to catalog the relevant resources that are available out there in the Web. If you know of some items that aren't listed here, send them to me at

Keywords: multiresolution modeling, surface simplification, surface approximation, level of detail


  • Survey of Multiresolution Modeling
  • Overview of the problem
  • Survey of work related to my own
  • Links to available papers
  • My Own Work
  • General background on multiresolution modeling
  • Terra/Scape Height Field Simplification
  • Online Bibliography
  • Available Software
  • Freely available software
  • Commercial systems
  • Research Projects
  • Other Research Papers Online
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