Skills verification letters for MSCS alums

Dave O'Hallaron, Professor of CS and ECE

Greetings! I handle skills verification letters for MSCS alums. I follow a very specific procedure for these letters. Please read carefully and follow all instructions:

  1. Here is the MS Word template for the draft letter that you should send me. It's in a very specific format that I require for all skills verification letters. No exceptions.

  2. Please follow this format exactly, using the template as your starting point. You'll want to modify anything in brackets, but otherwise, except for the specific courses and topics, please don't change a word. This is a letter that I actually signed, so my hope is that you can see by example what I'm willing to sign.

  3. In the email with your draft letter to me, please justify each of the topics you're claiming by highlighting the exact location where that exact phrase appears in the course materials for that specific semester. The phrase can appear in the syllabus, in the registrar's course description, or in the title of a lecture (but not in the title of a particular slide). Please attach pdfs of the source material, with all phrases you are claiming highlighted in yellow.

    One reason for this requirement is to avoid any outlandish or untrue claims that your lawyer might ask you to make. Another reason is to provide me with the documentation for the letter in the event my verification letter is audited.

  4. When you've finished your letter, please send me your transcript (unofficial is OK), your documentation from step 3, and your MS Word draft letter, all in a single email, with a subject line of "Skills verification for [your name] ".

    I'll review the draft letter, perhaps modify it, sign it if it's OK, and then return a digitally-signed pdf to you. There is no back and forth negotiation, so please follow my instructions carefully.