How To Compute Like A Grad Student

Dave Eckhardt
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University

Important Note

This is the 1995 version of this talk, which is now obsolete. You should almost certainly consult the 1996 version of the talk instead.



The Hacker General has determined that keyboards may be dangerous to your health.

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The Good News

Make Yourself At Home (.plan)

A Canonical .plan

% finger claude@cs
[ Forwarding claude as "" ]
Login name: claude    			In real life: William Welch
Directory: /usr3/claude             	Shell: /usr/cs/bin/csh
No new mail, last read on Tue Aug 24 08:36
Graduate Student, Graphics and Animation Group

phone:   412/268-6243
office:  DH4301D (cross over from 8th floor Wean to Doherty, then climb
         stairs till you can't.   CAUTION: Stair freezes before hallway.)
usmail:  School of Computer Science
         Carnegie Mellon University
         5000 Forbes Ave
         Pittsburgh, PA 15213

home ph: 412/363-9455 (DOD-WILL)
home address: in ~/.directions
project: Serious Putty
advisor: Andy Witkin

Make Yourself At Home (csd)

Make Yourself At Home (door label)

Make Yourself At Home (Andrew Account)

Electronic Community

Mail (User Agents)

Mail (How to Find People)

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From:     Mail System (MMDF)"ROBIN.WARP.CS" ...
Subject:  Ambiguous address warning
To:       David_Eckhardt@ROBIN.WARP.CS.CMU.EDU

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	Jon Webb (webb)

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	Bryan Webb (bw0r)

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Mail (miscellany)

Netnews (How To Read News)

Netnews (How To Read News Like A Grad Student)

Netnews (How To Post News Like A Grad Student)

Zephyr (~dynamic netnews)

Other Instant Communication

A Note on Free Speech and the RPP

Calendar Boards

Miscellaneous Local Culture

"Misc" Software

Libraries: CMU & Others

The World-Wide Web

WWW Examples


X Window System (window managers)

X Window System (miscellaneous)