1995 Scott Tournament of Hearts (Cdn Women's Curling Championship)

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Subject: 1995 Scott Tournament of Hearts (Cdn Women's Curling Championship)
Date: 28 Feb 1995 19:50:36 GMT
Organization: The University of British Columbia
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1995 Scott Tournament of Hearts : Canadian Women's Curling Championship Max Bell Centre -- Calgary, Alberta Final - Sunday, February 26, 1995 The two-time Canadian and world champion Sandra Peterson (Team Canada) rink from Regina was attempting to win their third consecutive Canadian championship in Calgary. After round-robin and tiebreakers, the top four teams were: W-L Manitoba 10-1 Canada 8-3 P.E.I. 8-3 Alberta 8-3 "Page" playoff system Man def Can : Man bye to final, Can in semi-final Alb def PEI : PEI out, Alb in semi-final Semifinal : Alb def Can 7-5 In the semi-final, the Alberta rink from Edmonton led by skip Cathy Borst (former 2-time Canadian junior champion : 1977,1978) played giantkiller as they took a huge four in the 8th end and went on to defeat the Peterson Team Canada rink 7-5. For Borst, this was her first Scott final. There was some controversy over the newly initiated "page" playoff system (listed above). With the tiebreakers and the playoff game vs PEI, Alberta, for example, played 5 games in a span of 27 hours. By virtue of their victory of Canada in the first playoff game, Manitoba won the bye to the final and met Alberta. Manitoba this year was led by two-time Canadian champion (1984,1992) and world champion (1984) skip Connie Laliberte from Winnipeg. For Laliberte, it would be a fantastic opportunity to overcome last year's Scott final loss to Sandra Peterson. A very tight game throughout, the game (as predicted by Laliberte) would come down to the final rock. Borst's final rock in the 10th end was a draw behind the just-off-centre-line-guard and came to the top-4 but was about another foot light from being completely buried. Seeing about 3/4 of the rock, Laliberte came down with about back ring weight on her final stone, took out the Borst rock and came to within a few inches of rolling her own shooter out of the back rings to blank the end. Her shooter stayed for the winning point. Man 100 102 010 1 - 6 Alb 001 020 101 0 - 5 Laliberte heads just down the road from her home in Winnipeg to Brandon to represent Canada in the 1995 World Championships. ============================================================================= 1982-1995 Canadian Women's Curling Champions (Scott Tournament of Hearts) 1982 - Nova Scotia Colleen Jones, Kay Smith, Monica Jones, Barbara Jones-Gordon 1983 - Nova Scotia Penny LaRocque, Sharon Horne, Cathy Caudle, Pam Sanford 1984 - Manitoba (World Women's Champion) Connie Laliberte, Chris More, Corinne Peters, Janet Arnott 1985 - British Columbia (World Women's Champion) Linda Moore, Lindsay Sparkes, Debbie Jones, Laurie Carney 1986 - Ontario (World Women's Champion) Mariyln Darte, Kahty McEdwards, Chris Jurgensen, Jan Augustyn 1987 - British Columbia (World Women's Champion) Pat Sanders, Georgina Hawkes, Louise Helinveaux, Deb Massulio 1988 - Ontario Heather Houston, Lorriane Lang, Diane Adams, Tracy Kennedy 1989 - Team Canada (World Women's Champion) Heather Houston, Lorriane Lang, Diane Adams, Tracy Kennedy 1990 - Ontario Alison Goring, Kristin Turcotte, Andrea Lawes, Chery McPherson 1991 - British Columbia Julie Sutton, Jodie Sutton, Melissa Soligo, Karri Willms 1992 - Manitoba Connie Laliberte, Laurie Allen, Cathy Gauthier, Janet Arnott 1993 - Saskatchewan (World Women's Champion) Sandra Peterson, Jan Betker, Joan McCusker, Marcia Gudereit 1994 - Team Canada (World Women's Champion) Sandra Peterson, Jan Betker, Joan McCusker, Marcia Gudereit 1995 - Manitoba Connie Laliberte, Cathy Overton, Cathy Gauthier, Janet Arnott ============================================================================= 1995 Labatt Brier Tankard - Halifax, Nova Scotia 1995 World Curling Championships - Brandon, Manitoba 1996 Scott Tournament of Hearts - Thunder Bay, Ontario -- Henry Lee Dept. of Physics & Astronomy E-mail: lee@aries.yorku.ca York University, 4700 Keele Street North York, Ontario M3J 1P3 Canada Phone: 416-736-2100 x6-6391